Editview андроид розовый цвет и мод к скайриму на короля вампиров

2 апр 2016 У меня есть разметка с EditText , и у EditText почему-то розовая полоса Как можно изменить цвет этого подчеркивания на другой. Nov 5, 2015 How to add, style android material edittext button tutorial, sample, color, hint, error. Feb 11, 2016 Change the color in your res/values/styles.xml The bubble uses colorAccent : @color/pink.

To change bottom line color, you can use this in your app theme: I am using android design library's TextinputLayout But couldn't customize What should I do in order to also get pink color for "Without focus" example. You can save old color and then use it to restore the original value. Here is an So the default text color in android is pink? I think it is more. Found it: EditText uses the themecolor defined as: android:colorAccent. So: Light Theme my EditText turns a shade of pink upon selection. By default, android uses your colorAccent as the divider color, and your colorAccent I have an EditText in my app, if i click it, the divider color changes to pink, how can i change this color? This is how it currently is: image. Ataul is a Google Developer Expert for Android focusing on inclusive design for mobile shows on screen keyboard with D being pressed and edittext focused. I am creating an EditText in my layout xml file. But I want to change This is the best tool that you can use for all views and its FREE many thanks.