Видео с cycorder на компьютер - larry 6 на русском

26 сен 2008 На данный момент лучшая программа для записи видео - совершенно бесплатная, но в углу. Cycorder files are stored in the directory '/var/mobile/media/videos' and can be transferred using SFTP directly to your computer. The .mov video files Cycorder does MJPEG compression: the same as that used by most point and If this video is at all choppy please try viewing it on your desktop computer.

Jay Freeman (born November 27, 1981) is an American businessman and software engineer. Freeman studied and graduated with a degree in computer science from the College of Creative "The Free iPhone Video Recorder - Cycorder. Jul 24, 2009 How to record video on your iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G? or SSH to get the video from your iPhone to your computer and then you can email it or put it on YouTube Here is a video I shot a few weeks ago with Cycorder.